The Law of Accelerating Acceleration

The Law of Accelerating Acceleration says that the faster you move toward financial freedom, the faster it moves toward you. 

The first corollary of this law is that nothing succeeds like success. The more money you accumulate, and the more success you achieve, the more and faster money and success seem to move toward you, from a variety of different directions.

Everyone who is financially successful today has had the experience of working extremely hard, sometimes for years, before they got their first real opportunity, their first real break. But after that, more and more opportunities flowed to them, from all directions. The major problem most successful people have today is sorting out the opportunities that seem to come at them from everywhere. It will be the same for you.

The second corollary of the Law of Accelerating Acceleration says that fully 80 percent of your success will come in the last 20 percent of the time you invest.

This is a remarkable discovery. Just think! You will achieve only about 20 percent of the total success possible for you in the first 80 percent of the time and money you invest in an enterprise, a career or a project. You will achieve the other 80 percent in the last 20 percent of the time and money you invest.

Peter Lynch, the former manager of the Magellan Mutual Fund, one of the most successful mutual funds in history, said that the best investments he ever made were those that took a long time to come to fruition. He would often buy the stock of a company that did not increase in value for several years. Then it would take off and go up 10 or 20 times in price. This strategy of picking stocks for the long term eventually made him one of the most successful and highest-paid money managers in America. 

Now, here are two things you can do to apply this Law of Accelerated Acceleration immediately.

First, prove this principle for yourself on paper. Double a penny every day for 30 days. On the first day you will have one cent. On the second day you will have two cents. On the third day you will have four cents, then eight cents, then 16 cents, then 32 cents and so on. By the 30th day you will have several million dollars. However, on the 29th day, you will have only half of the amount that you will have on the 30th day. And on the 28th day you will have only one-quarter of what you will have on the 30th day. Never make the mistake of taking your money out too soon and giving up all of the great increase that is possible for you.

Second, identify those areas of your life where you have invested an enormous amount of time and energy without seeing a significant return. Examine each of these commitments carefully to see whether or not you might be on the verge of a major breakthrough, if you just hang in there long enough. 

Adapted from BestStepsSuccess

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