Opportunities won’t make You Rich.

In the last 7 months, I have seen same faces walk in and out of my presentations 3 different times. They were obviously looking for opportunities that will help them get ahead in life. “…And this is the third time you have been here, why don’t you just get started?”

I asked one of them who skeptically told me she wasn’t quite sure. She reeked with fear of the unknown and was paralyzed by it.

Then it struck me that the reason(s) why most people will pass over opportunities repeatedly and remain bound in averageness and mediocrity is simply because they are looking for that magical opportunity that will make them rich.

Opportunities don’t make people rich, people become rich.

Opportunities are merely vehicles that convey people to their desired financial destinations. Most people, before they get on board the vehicle will want to be given some form of guarantee and assurance and I do give them that. I do guarantee that the vehicle(opportunity) will, as a matter of exactitude take them to financial paradise but what I don’t promise however is a smooth ride.

There will be gallops, potholes, flat tires and occasional rain drops that may temporarily blur your vision along the journey but with patience, persistence and perseverance, we will pass every pothole, fix every tire and wipe the wheel screen clean. That much I promise anybody who wants to get on board my vehicle.

Question: Why won’t most people get on board?
Answer: They are probably looking for a bump free ride.
The problem? That rollercoaster ride to financial paradise irrespective of the opportunity, doesn’t exist anywhere in the world.

Let’s look at the reason(s) why most people who get on board the vehicle still fail to reach their destination. They gripe and complain about everything along the journey and eventually get down. Why? They are in a hurry and won’t wait for the driver to fix the flat tire. Moreover, the a/c isn’t working so they’d rather get down and look for a better one. They get on board another vehicle and same thing happens again and again and again.

As they stand stranded along road, they will see same vehicle pass them by and on board the vehicle are people who developed the strength of character to withstand the inevitable inconveniences that go with they journey because they learnt from day one that it was meant to happen.

This is the reason why in the same opportunity, there are people who fail and those that succeed. Until you become the type of person worthy and deserving of success, you will fail even when you are given the most amazing opportunity in the world.

Become more and you will have more. The money is not in the opportunity, the money is in you. Find it.

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