Simple Self-Examination

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This Self Examination will be based on the three (3) things you should ask yourself always. These questions may add important value to the choice of living you make.

1. Why do you find a graduate without a job, some with their first class, others with 2nd class upper?
This is not the era of certificate, this is the era of ‘Sabificate’-what you do with what you know. Entrepreneurs are demanding more than paper qualifications. It doesn’t say qualifications are not good, but with economic situation especially in this country, you need more than just a certificate.

It is not all about the certificate, one needs to also consider having ‘sabificate’ (what you know and what you can offer). Though ‘sabificate’ is not a word in the English dictionary, it’s coined for use in Nigerian pidgin English. So in place of certificate as attestation of qualification, it means having a skilled knowledge of a subject matter and being a practical person on it. Whereas, certificate on the other hand means an official document attesting a certain fact, in particular, it is actually a paper.

2. Why do you see a man end up 65 years old as a gate man and another man of same age lives a luxurious life?

Imagine they could have both finished from the same school sitting in the same class room. The difference is Mr. A said “No” to some opportunities while Mr. B said “Yes” during their youthful days?
The word “POOR” means- Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. 
Today, being poor, living an average life or becoming rich/wealthy, all are choices people make! Which choice have you made? Ten (10) years from now, your kids will be eating or starving from the decisions you make today…


3. Why are other people successful in the same things you say can’t work?


A wise man once said “Your life flows in the direction of your thoughts.”
“When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe,Then You’ll Be Successful.” -Eric Thomas

There is nothing as dangerous as a made up mind… Make up your mind to succeed. We only live once. If you do it right, once is more than enough. Take your first step to the direction of your Dreams. The best time was yesterday, another best time is Today. It could be the only opportunity you’ve got!!

Wealth Facts:

MONEY – Average people look for ways to spend money. Billionaires look for ways to invest money.

JOBS – Average people think a better job will make them wealthy. Billionaires know that a job will never make them wealthy, investment will.

RISK – Average people stay away from risks because they might fail. Billionaires know if they don’t take risks, they have already failed.

PROBLEMS – Average people try to avoid problems. Billionaires see problem as an opportunity to make millions.

PREPARATION – Average people prepare for today. Billionaires prepare today for the opportunities of tomorrow.

TIME – Average people waste time. Billionaires see time as their most valuable assets.

FEAR – Average people are always afraid of losing money. Billionaires know if they don’t lose money they cannot be wiser, smarter and stronger.


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