There is a Path to Success


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In your struggle to succeed, you are confronted with many challenges; and then you give up. Are you tired of rejection? Are you tired of having a meeting with no one showing up? Are you tired of people quitting on you? Are you tired of people not buying your products or services?

Whenever I see posts with this kind of undertone, I shake my head in disbelief. Like a commodity in the market place, we try to sell SUCCESS at a discounted price.

“There is no short cut to success, there is a path to success” – Stephen Covey

And the path to success ladies and gentlemen is mundane, grueling, heartbreaking and laborious. The path to success is filled with rejections, disappointments and self doubt. Trying to sell SUCCESS like that is like preparing a meal without the necessary ingredients.

It is in the disappointments, the rejections, the mundane, the heartbreaking and laborious activities that one develops the strength of character necessary for the conception and birth of success in any endeavour.

Don’t get me wrong, learning the skills and strategies are absolutely necessary, it is actually a MUST if you must succeed. However, because you have learnt and mastered the skills and strategies doesn’t mean you won’t be rejected or disappointed. People will still quit on you and leave the business. This is inevitable on the road to success.

When you have followed the path which everybody who is looking for true and sustainable success must follow, the rejections and deceptions won’t faze you anymore because you have become more with these experiences. You know it is perfectly normal for things not to go your way because disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor. You learn the valuable lessons from these experiences which is necessary to catapult you to the next level of success.

For instance, I have traveled many kilometers away for a business meeting with clients affording me at least 90 minutes presentation time. Guess I was only given a frustrated 5 minutes i never bargained for. As Jim Rohn would say, ” Turn your frustration into fascination”. whether that was the case or not is a story for another day, I also do not wish to start counting my loss (costs). Is it the unexpected poor turn out.

We must go through these experiences despite our skills and mastery and that is why fundamental training and self development are very critical prerequisites for success. Personal development improves your quality of life through the development of skills to help you achieve your success. Lets enumerate the tips of self development according EDUCBA:

  • Get inspired each day
  • Build on your strength
  • Conquer your fear
  • Come above your comfort zone
  • Have to-do list handy
  • Its time to act
  • Working on Negative qualities
  • Focusing on good habits
  • Dealing with tough
  • Try to learn new ways
  • Take 30 days challenge
  • Meditation
  • Be with good company
  • Accept what’s gone is gone
  • Enemies are the mirror
  • How about a holiday
  • Cultivate a new hubby
  • Workout-schedule
  • Find a good opponent
  • Choose an ideal personality
  • Commitment to the growth
  • Write a letter to your future
  • finally, feedback

So let’s stop cutting corners. We must pay the full price with our blood, sweat and tears. Tips are simple but I suggest you should pick few at one go, build on them and then you can add on to other self development tips. Starting with simple ones will give you boost and enhances your confidence to have the quick results. The life is competitive and tough you have to get tougher to achieve those higher goals.

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