Time and Value for Money

The misconception behind the mantra, – ‘Time is Money‘ have got people spending time without getting much (money) back.

Have you ever wondered why Mr. A spends 8 hours daily for 20days in a month and he is paid 100k while Mr. B spends 8hours in a day and receives twice as much? In other words Mr. A’s 80 hours = 100k while Mr. B’s 8 hours = 200k.

Here is the simple reason. You do not get paid for TIME, you are paid for VALUE.

So what are you doing? Are you exchanging your time for money like most people do or are you exchanging value for money?

Until you realize that you get paid for value and not time, all the time you are spending without creating value will be efforts in futility. You are working so hard and getting very little because you have failed to understand this principle.

The solution? Spend your time to become someone of value. Spend your time to create valuable contents. Spend your time in creating value in the market place.

Money = Value.
Money in itself has no value. The value of money is in what it can get. That’s why its value rises and falls depending on the abundance or scarcity of products and services (values).

Unfortunately most of us do not have the time and patience to create value. We’d rather trade our time for money by working insufferable jobs and we get up everyday doing same thing because it gives us some level of certainty even though that certainty is 30k monthly. What an ugly way to live!

This is why I Rep the #OwnYourLife campaign. Values have already been created and your one and only job is to connect the values. This is the reason someone in our campaign can make in a day, three times his salary in one month and why a connector in same campaign makes in one month, the cumulative of 100k monthly salary of a federal civil servant for 8 years. It’s all about value and leverage.

You still still do not believe in what we are doing? The truths are out there or you prefer staying back and keep exchanging your time for money..

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