Success Earned: A Lesson we can all deal with

This story of a wealthy man and his son really remind me of that certain sacrifice we all have to make on the journey to achieve real success in anything; it must be earned.

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This story of a wealthy man and his son really remind me of that certain sacrifice we all have to make on the journey to achieve real success in anything; it must be earned.

The only son of a certain wealthy man wanted to inherit the father’s business. The old man gave him one condition to fulfil:

“Earn 10,000 dollars, show me the money and my multi-million dollar business is yours” the wealthy said.

Not long after, his son brought the money he had collected from his mother claiming he worked for it. His father who was relaxing by an oven collected the cash and threw it into the oven. The two watched the oven until the whole cash was burnt to ashes.

He told his son to simply go on and work for the money and bring it to him. The mother again gave him another $10, 000 and told the boy to wait for some time, so he could disguise and look worn out before seeing his father (Nice trick; shortcut to achieving success).

When he eventually met his father with the money the second time, the old man was at the same spot close to the oven.  The man took the cash again threw it into the oven, and again the two watched the $10,000 burnt to ashes. Then he told his son to go, work and save $10,000 and show him and the inheritance will all be his.

The wealthy man’s son was furious knowing that his father was determined and stringent with the condition of working and saving up $10,000 before he can access his inheritance. The boy again met with his mother for advice. She was thinking of another option they can use to outsmart the old man, when he finally told his mother not to worry and that he will go out and work and save the money for his father.

The boy travelled to another town where he would be given an opportunity to do odd jobs because in their locality nobody would believe him, the only son of a wealthy man doing menial job? He spent years denying himself of  food, pleasure, good accommodation, designer-wears and every good life accustomed​ to rich men’s’ children just to save up the money for his father.

When he eventually came back his mother hardly recognized her son, he looked old, thin and wretched. With that desperate condition he quickly went to present the money to his father who incidentally was seating in the very place close to the dollar-burning oven. He gave his father the money he has saved with pains and hunger. The old man took the money and again threw it into the oven. The boy dived headlong into the fire and brought the money back and exclaimed, “father you can’t burn my sweat.” The father replied,

“You absolutely worked for this very one son, nobody will stand looking, seeing his  effort being burnt,  as you have done in the previous ones your mother helped you.”

The old man feeling satisfied with his son’s last action, willed all his wealth to him.

Moral Lesson

  • People put value on things that cost them most.
  • Wealth gotten through easy way will soon end up in the oven.
  • Before handing over your business to your child, first hand over wisdom to him.
  • Like most of us with wonderful backgrounds, we often deny our children valuable experiences they need to succeed in life by too much pampering, saying “I don’t want them to experience what I experienced” forgetting that such conditions added up in making you what you are. Sometimes, create artificial scarcity to help harden your children up for tomorrow.
  • Don’t forget to share your story with your family as your children will need it someday to solve life’s challenges.
  • Wisdom and good name is the best inheritance you can give to your children.
  • The billion dollar wealth handed over to your children without character and morals will end up in the hands of your servants and maids that possess them.
  • Success is not taught in schools but through hard work, dedication, courage, focus, determination, resilience, diligence, honesty, perseverance, character, etc.


Money does not necessarily respond to qualifications, otherwise the wealthiest people

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should have been Ph.D. holders. Money does not respond to age, otherwise the world’s oldest twins would have been the richest. It is not about your degree. It is all about what you do after the degree.

Have you noticed that the 1st class degree holders are not the Richest, neither are the 3rd class degree holders the poorest? There is more to being wealthy than education, the most important thing is Mind-set and the next thing is a Commitment to self-discipline.

The only person holding your key to success is YOU. The secret to success is for you to be willing to pay the price, but the challenge is that very few are ready and willing to pay the price to succeed. While some are partying and flirting, others are learning, planning and earning.

Sitting down and complain about where you are without acting won’t change anything, it won’t change your situation. If you must see changes, the person that must change is You.

Everyone has all it takes to succeed, learn to invest the little you have and get a mentor to teach you how to grow your money. Don’t accept others definition of your life because it is your life. Define it yourself the way you love it to be. Be yourself because none knows about you better than you do.

There are two kinds of pain: PAIN OF REGRET PAIN OF SUCCESS

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