Successfully market your own consultancy firm or service

A sales strategy is a systematic plan or step by a business or individual on how to go about selling products and services as well as increasing profits. Making a sale involves a systematic planning but strategic selling means more which begins with understanding a company’s strategy, vision and distinctiveness and then selecting high profile customers.

Great services of professional consulting firms or services such as accountants, lawyers, engineers and other providers; create better futures for their clients that the clients didn’t know were possible. Most of them who have never sold think the purpose of selling is to part clients from their money at any cost. However, the best business developers bring in clients because they are no different when they sell their services than when they deliver their services.

The best-selling strategy for we major at meet mutually-set expectations over and over again, building relationships, trust and confidence. This will cover three (3) critical levels of the selling process which include:

  1. The development of the relationship,
  2. The buying process of the client, and
  3. The selling process of the professional services.

To achieve this objectives, the following skills and processes will be critical to our firm’s success;

 Prospecting potential clients on leads

  • This will involve;
  • Designing system for collecting, and following up on prospects.
  • taking action quickly when  received a telephone inquiry, a trade-show lead, a referral, or other lead on potential valuable prospects,
  • Evaluating the lead will enable us to follow up more quickly with the better prospects, being consistent with the designed prospecting systems which will help us build on the power of compound impressions and on being in front of prospects when they are ready to buy.
  • Utilizing other Broad-Based Marketing Supports Prospecting using Mass media (radio, TV, national publications) reach a large number of people, Advertising and Public Relations, Newsletters, websites and so on.

 Qualify potential prospects

  • By asking the questions necessary to ensure the prospect will make a profitable client. And then;
  • Give more priorities to aggressively network with our affluent and wealthy clients and acquaintances than with less-promising clients.
  • Paying attention to the upcoming owners of our clients’ businesses, in line with subsequent changes in the business ownership and management changes.
  • Become involved in an industry trade association of most affluent/wealthy business owners who value their trade associations and often advocate for them.

 Gaining Access to Clients Decision Makers and Identifying Decision Influencers,

we will determine if;

  • At the first contact, warm call or contact is needed, Warm means that the prospect already knows something about our firm from one of the trusted friends or advisors or someone we know inside the company introduce us. It means the prospect’s interest has been warmed up before we meet.
  • Ask permission to warm up the lead to our potential clients’ decision influencers with a permission marketing campaign for cases such as cold contacts before making an offer or use non-referral prospecting tools to build great clients..
  • Promising a reward for the prospect’s response as a more respectful way to build a relationship with a prospect before we meet.
  • Understanding decision Influencers’ personality, value system and perceptions of our capability to stimulating clients’ economic growth and profitability.

 Discovering Prospects Problems, including potential problems and develop their needs through recommendations

so as to develop controls for them and be to solve clients professionally.

  • Having created a list of all the possible problems a prospect might have, then formulate appropriate questions about the problems such as dialogue questions, designed based on our knowledge of the company and its industry.
  • Improve other powerful tools to learn about our prospects’ business and industry through internet, prospects websites, search engines, industry-specific sites, etc.
  • We deal with clients’ needs and wants, recommend what benefits our Clients and be conscious of the right time to make sales, considering Cost/Benefits for the Clients.
  • Using our developed benchmark tools to compare information about our prospects against standards, which provides us with an opportunity for creating a dialog around a particular issue.

 Building like and trust by demonstrating our capabilities to solve the problems of our prospects;

considering the set guidelines such as;

  • Focusing on the benefits the Client will receive from us
  • Include recommendations for implementation of Specific approaches for services, products to assure the prospects they will receive the benefits we have promised
  • Testimonials or descriptions of past assignments as a powerful evidence that our Firm can handle the client’s needs.

Procedures put in place to handle all forms objections from prospects;

that give us the chance and opportunity to discover what the prospect is thinking, provide valuable information to aid their buying interest.

Focusing on building clients loyalty on acceptance of our proposed offer

by being more proactive in providing our services that will ultimately enable us achieve more loyalty from our clients.

  • Develop a system that delivers consistent, dependable responses to clients’ orders.
  • Develop a five-star client service pattern that will enhance our internal processes by reduce staff turnover in our firm, improve internal communication, raise the level of trust inside our firm, and ultimately achieve more loyalty from our clients.
  • Improve and emphasize on the culture of respect for each partner within the firm and learn to appreciate each one’s outstanding performance.

Identify the risks associated with our relationship with clients;

  • When a new CEO, COO, CIO, or CFO joins our client which could put the relationship at high risk.
  • Risk associated with insufficient testimonials, evidence, service providing and consistency in our pattern of operation.
  • Risk of not being proactive in establishing communication link with clients newly introduced system or top personnel.

Adopting Client Business Review (CBR) marketing technique in our firm;

a business consulting approach to understand and evaluate the systems of our clients, as regards;

  • Building clients loyalty, respect and solution to any identified problem in the existing relationship
  • Building our profits and return on investment
  • A range of or ways to train staff to market effectively to our clients to achieve increased satisfaction and delights for clients, and
  • Better help our clients achieve their strategic and financial goals.

Offering specialty premium and extra services at right time to clients and Activate programs for best referrals of new clients;

To help them plan their business future and growth.

  • Setting up a regular system of asking for referrals from current or existing and past clients
  • Reward referral by hosting annual dinner for referrals relationships, sending letter of appreciation and reciprocate referrals when possible.
  • Use of Referral Source Development (RSD) basic of Relationship, Engagement, Follow-up, Evaluation, Recognition, Rewards, Advising, Leadership and Service (REFERRALS).

Ensure we maintain our key insider position in clients management team while we take cognizant of compromise against independent

by focusing on our clients’ strategic direction and customers;

  • Abide by the code of ethics of our profession, as well as observing state and federal rules regarding independence.
  • In our capacity to act as advisor, counselor and a part time Partner Leader for our clients.
  • Running a good advance or retreat program to help clients move up to value ladder, improve their profits while we at same time profit from the services we provide with right attitude and aptitude.
  • Take advantage of strategic alliance with clients which is could offer our firm value, best practices, expertise, education, efficiency, productivity, and improved client relationships.

Major success and excellence in training, continue education for marketing and other selling skills to attract clients;

this will involve;

  • In-house training and development of staff talents and capabilities,
  • A retreat and annual strategic advance to strengthen our firm’s overall strategy and ensuring that our structure, systems, and staffing are in alignment with our strategy.

The objective is to a framework or system of operation to attract more clients while keeping existing ones through a standard method of operation that is world class.

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