Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is a physical field where electric and magnetic forces interact. It is often referred to as the general phenomena associated with fields spreading out from conductors or antennas, depending on the frequency.

Everyone is exposed to a complex mix of electric and magnetic fields everywhere. EMF can be found from objects that we use in our daily life – Cellular phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop computers, Televisions, Radios, Microwave ovens, Earphones, X-ray machines, Ultrasound equipment and many other electrical connections we use both at home and at work. These objects undeniably make our lives easier but they can also cause health risks and hazards to human.

Some studies show a link between exposure to EMF and increased rate of Leukemia, cancer, brain tumors, and other health problems. There are also certain cases of behavioral and psychological disorders such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, dementia and many others. There is still some uncertainty about the actual mechanism responsible for these hazards. But no matter how trivial or catastrophic the effects of EMF are, we should still take all the necessary precautions to reduce our exposure to EMF as low as possible.

ENER-CHI IPRO-TECT – One Unique Product to Protect you against EMF Radiation

What does it do to the body?

  • Protects you against EMF radiation
  • Restores your body’s natural balance
  • Intensifies your performance
  • Increase your stamina
  • Escalates your endurance
  • Improves your body’s flexibility
  • Renews your cells
  • Strengthen your immune system

What is ENER-CHI Pendant?

Ener-Chi Pendant is the newest upgraded carrier of the iProtect 24/7 packet, a triple-patented product and manufactured in the United States. This packet is clinically tested and the world’s first mobile round-the-clock protection against bacteria, viruses and instilled with a subatomic technology that lessens the harmful impact of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation. With advanced system, the Ener-Chi Pendant can also now improve stamina, flexibility, balance and strength.

Ener-Chi Pendant Demonstrated

From the words “energy” and “chi”; “Chi” is a Chinese word that is described as the vital life force that circulates around the body. Ener-Chi aims to improve and bring back one’s natural body frequencies, strengthen the balance and endurance, resulting to more liveliness, delight and replenished well-being. With Ener-Chi pendant that includes iProtect 24/7 packet, you can shield yourself from diseases and become more alive, awake and aware.

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