Quality Assurance Services Insight

There have been several request for some highlights on the concept of “Assurance Services”. This post will bring to light the basics of Quality Assurance functions; hopefully.

In Assurance engagement, business seek further ‘Assurance’ from professionals to give credibility or attest (attestation) to specific assertion made by the management, usually about the management financial information.

In the context of a statutory audit, it is an engagement in which an auditor expresses an opinion on the truth and fairness or “fairly represented’ of the financial statements, so as to enhance the degree of confidence of the shareholders.

The relationship between audit attestation and assurance services can be classified into;

  • Assurance services on any information
  • Attestation services; financial information, and
  • Auditing of financial statements

Types of Services Rendered in Assurance Engagement

  1. Assertive Services: In Assertive Services, an accountant is engaged to assert for or against the truth, fairness, completeness and/or compliance of the financial statements prepared by a third party.

2. Reporting Services: In Reporting Services, an accountant reports on issue that come to his attention during the course of his work. In most cases, could be in the course of rendering assertive services.

Areas of Assurance Services other than Statutory Audit

Besides Statutory audit, assurance services involves other areas such as;

Accounting Services

  • Maintaining books of accounts from source documents
  • Preparing financial statements from books of account
  • Accounting and internal control system advisory
  • Computerization and Software Accounting set up and implementation
  • Personnel training and development

You can check here for Quality Audit and Assurance Services Guide for Businesses; including a Systematic and comprehensive approach, principles, Quick study reference tools and so on…

Taxation Related Services

  • Preparation, filing of tax returns, Tax advisory services and other tax related services


  • On alleged frauds and misappropriations
  • On prospectus reports for public issues
  • Valuation of shares and business
  • Profit forecast, etc.

Receivership, Liquidation and Trusteeship

  • Receivership for debenture holders and other creditors on insolvency or winding up of a company and acting as Trustees

Manpower Planning and Recruitment

  • Staff recruitment for clients, training and retraining and manpower development.

Qualities of Assurance Service Professionals

Assurance engagements should be provided by professionals or experts with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the requirements of every aspect of the engagement on which he is expected to issue a report. In addition, such a person must possess such prerequisite characteristics as;

  • Integrity in all professional and business relationships, to foster public confidence in their professional services;
  • Objectivity in exercising professional judgments, which is essential for the provision of assurance services;
  • Professional skepticism; attitude of inquisitive and justification mind in the course of the assignment;
  • Methodological; this means to carefully plan, control and document all work in a sound approach to ensure that all the necessary works has been completed and no omission of significant areas during assignments.

Since a business usually expects a quality assurance result and attributed report, it is very important that the professional or expert understands the scope of his/her responsibilities and implement these functions with required professional ethics and due diligence.

Check out these Quality Assurance practical guides for different business entities

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