How cloud-based is your business? Don’t Lose focus on your business in this pandemic (COVID 19). Understand how your business system processes work and incorporate cloud based system for continuity, while you take charge of your business from home staying safe from the pandemic.

Be more analytical in making business decisions now; don’t be hasty… remember this a phase, what comes after it is what matters, how do you achieve sustainability for your business when the storm is over, from the comfort of your home?

As you take precautions to stay safe and healthy for yourself, don’t forget you need more to sustain life than just hoping things will work out for good. Seek for professional opinion of what could be great for your business in this difficult moment. We all to stay alive… both now and later… that’s what matters.

According to visualcapitalist site, “given the near shutdown of many economies, the IMF is forecasting a global recession in 2020. Separately, the U.N. estimates COVID-19 could cause up to a $2 trillion shortfall in global income”.

However,”On the bright side, some analysts are forecasting a recovery as early as the third quarter of 2020. A variety of factors such as government stimulus, consumer confidence and the number of COVID-19 cases, will play into this timeline.”.

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