Business Communication and Management Information

The term communication refers to the transfer of data or information between a source and receiver; while the source transmits the data, the receiver receives it.

In ancient times, a designated function, usually in ancient design, was adopted to communicate vital information or call for a meeting. This means of communication is not effective especially with the evolution and rapid growth in technology. Technology has brought about changes necessary for effective communication. However, this is not without attributable potential risks.

Communication is interested in the transfer of information, the method of transfer and the preservation of the information during transfer process. We shall discuss further these methods, especially as it concerns management/business information system.

Computer Network, Communication and Your Business

Computer network consist of two or more computers that are linked to share resources or allow electronic communications of resources, through Ethernet or Fiber Optic cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, etc. In other words, computer network is a set of computers connected together to share resources.

The most common resource shared today is connection to the internet which can classified as computer network itself. Other shared resources can include a printer or File Server.

Computer networking can help your business grow

Computer network enables you store important business data in a centralized location. This allows the various computers in the network to retrieve or access important data from the main server location or from the other computers. Hence, giving employees the opportunity to share ideas and work more efficiently, increasing productivity and profitability for the company. These benefits include;

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Cost-Effective and Speed sharing of Resources

Integrated software that may be used on a network are now available at considerable savings as compared to buying individually licensed copies. Many software vendors offer networked versions of their software. This means that you can purchase a single license for this product and have it running on the central server. The individual computers in that network can run instances of the software without having to install a separate license.

Programs and hardware on a network are shared and allows for easy access, reducing the amount of money spent on programs and hardware.

Networks also provide a very rapid method of sharing and transferring files. Without network, transfer of files can be time-consuming. Network sharing of resources exceeds stand-alone computers.

For instance; most organizations may afford enough laser printers, fax machines, scanners, modems and CD ROM players for each computer. However, if these peripherals are added to a network, they can be shared simultaneously by multiple users.

Storage Efficiency and Centralized Software Management

Once business computers are networked, there would be an improved storage volume of all the computers in the network, and all the software can be loaded on one computer known as File Server. Management of these software becomes effective, eliminating the need to spend time and energy installing updates and tracking files on stand-alone computers throughout the organization.

Compatibility of computers and hardware is very essential here. However, a good IT provider can make all of your hardware work well in a network. This means you can have different operating systems on different kinds of devices. You can have android tablets, windows and mac computers and iOS tablets all networking together.

Flexibility Access; is very important too: for example, a typical school network could allow students access to their files from computer throughout the school. Students can begin an assignment in their classroom, save part of it to a public access area of the network, and then go to the media center after school to finish their assignment. Student can also work cooperatively through a network (Workgroup Computing).

Workgroup allows many users to work on the same project concurrently. For example, educators located at various schools within a country could simultaneously contribute their ideas about new curriculum standards to the same document or projects.

Security of Valuable Information

Company data can never be fully secure without protected access to network resources and files. Files and programs on a network can be well secured. Also, passwords and other access limitations can be established for files and programs to restrict access to authorized users.

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