Domino Effect; by Peter Jakobsson

Peter Jakobsson – Crowd1 Network Director, emphasized that;

In order to lead someone, you have to take your responsibility with discipline. Peter Jakobsson, you are D’s need to make decisions that will lead to your success and there is no one else.

When you decide to start a new business, maybe it’s because you want a change in your life. Tired of not having enough or just being sick and tired. This is the most common reason why people start something new.

Some people want financial or financial change, some just want to open their wings and try something new because it looks fun and interesting.

Responsibility and discipline are two things you can’t achieve without it. Includes all kinds of work, responsibility and some kind of leadership.

You lead even if it’s only yourself. You have to take your responsibility with discipline before you lead others. You are the one who has to make decisions that will lead to your success and there is no one else. No one will do this for you.

Therefore, you need to set these goals and make an action plan. And then start getting an ACTION. A huge action. When you start moving, you will encounter things you never dare or want to do before.

You’re leaving your comfort zone and it can be scary sometimes. But everyone should know that there is no growth or change in your comfort zone. You have to set goals that will force you to move in and out of your comfort zone where all success is.

People who never oppose their fears and always stay on the safe side will never grow and probably will never succeed. Most people need to overcome the fear of rejection and stop worrying about things they can’t change anyway. You can’t always control the circumstances, but you can always control your thoughts.

The greatest weapon against fear is the ability to change one thought to another. Sometimes you don’t like to do it and that’s when you need discipline to move on and do it anyway – that’s when you really grow.

When you grow up as a person, you become someone you never have. And you will attract others because they want what you have. Then you started before. People will change the domino effect and slowly impact the world.

Remember, you are not who you think you are, you are who you think you are.

Here are some of great inspirational books that can keep you on the go; It’s obviously in our hands… the power we all have within us… to direct our lives and change into the life we have chosen for ourselves.

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