Information Technology (IT) Needs for a Business

Over the years, Information Technology has enormously delivered value to organizations that are smart enough to understand the IT needs of their industries and as such help this organizations enact the processes that satisfy business requirements.

Information Technology has allowed organizations do things that they have not been doing before now. Information Technology has become a key aspect of the modern business environment, we talk about computerized information systems; with the arrival of the Web and mobile computing having profound effect on organizations, economies, and societies.

Business databases, client/server architecture, e-mail, and other information need of a business are simultaneously shared wherever needed as result of Information Technology.; resulting into either centralized or decentralized business operations through telecommunication and networks, client/server systems.

Information Technology at this level has taught an important lesson to industries – that they could be smarter and more innovative. Decision making is now part of everyone’s job, IT support system implies that people can work together while at different locations. field staff can comfortably exchange information wherever they are using wireless data communication and portable computers.

Products and services are effectively customized with the aid of information Technology to suit customers’ needs, the speed at which business processes are implemented with the use of tools such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) for products design and customization, Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) for professional auditors, CASE tools, Online System and so on.

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Information Technology supports has improved business process, now people can now combine functions, a form of integrated system that guarantees consistent and timely information system. This has impacted positively on quality and efficiency enhancing total quality management (TQM).

Information Technology chosen by a business should be able delivered value to organizations as expected as well as helping the business implement changes that satisfy business requirements, improve system process, bring new options to the way an organization interacts and competes, the way an organization is structured, and the way workplaces are designed.

Essentially, providing supports that enable or enhance organizational capabilities such as:

  • Business operations process and development including the business model itself;
  • Strategic and other decision making;
  • New products and services development through innovation;
  • Good customers, suppliers, and partners relationships and Competitive advantage;

Information Technology Devices commonly used in Business

A device is a unit of physical hardware or equipment that provides one or more computing functions with a business computing system. They often provide inputs to computers as well as accepting output depending on the unique features a particular device.

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A device may also be referred to as appliance, gadget or other electronics tools. Typical hardware devices include Cameras, computer mouse, speakers, cellphones, printers, microphones and so on

In conclusion, although the use of information systems has became pervasive in advanced economies and societies at large, where such ethical issues as individual privacy, property rights, universal access and free speech, information accuracy, and quality of life; constant requirements for Information System audits by Information Systems Audit Standards and Guidelines, including The Sarbanes Oxley COSO Standard give assurance on the validity of an organizational information system processes.

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