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The Campaign Is Powered By Century 21 Freedom Group (C21FG) A Non Governmental Initiative That Has Been Set Up To Empower People To Solve Their Income And Cash Flow Problems​

“Own Your Life Campaign is designed to help you achieve your 2019 financial goals..”

You Don’t Need Bank Loans Ever Again! Generate Capital To Finance Your Business Or Projects. No Collateral! No Interests! Ask Me How!

The OWN YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN is a Global Initiative that shows selected people how to generate cash flow/raise enough capital to start a new business, expand existing business(s) or fund any capital project of their choice.

Do you have a dream or fantastic business idea, have existing business to expand or that capital project of your choice to undertake but lack the capital to finance the business or projects? Here is the real BIG Deal!

The Good news is that you can raise between N500,000 To N15 Million To Finance Your Projects Or Business, without the need for Bank Loan, Collateral or interest Payment

Join The OWN Your Life Campaign

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Each person’s income is determined by their PHILOSOPHY and not the ECONOMY. Although numerous hardworking people live in financial difficulty and blame it on the ECONOMY, the same ECONOMY in which other individuals succeed and enjoy FINANCIAL FREEDOM (legitimately). What is your PHILOSOPHY?

Join Now and become a distributor

How to be part of our products partner company, AIM GLOBAL?

STEP 1. Buy the Business Package (One profit center of N38,000)for your membership in any of our offices or through Cash on Delivery. If someone has already explained or introduced to you about AIM Global, please contact him/her now for assistance. If no one has invited you yet and just bumped in this website, contact me with the details provided below.SMS/Whatsapp: +2347030012266
Facebook Messenger: Fritz Noble

Other Business Packages include

  • Global Package ( N114,000. Entrepreneurial):
    Purchase 3-Profit centers and you can earn three times more than the income potential of a starter Global Package. Invest a little more at the start so you can reap more in the future.
  • Global Package ( N266,000. International Builder):
    Maximize your income with a 7-Profit centers. Let the whole family produce multiple streams of income for the organization you plan to build. This enrollment package is best for venture capitalists who want to maximize income by investing a very minimal amount.

STEP 2. Along with the Package, you will also receive a Registration Code that will be used to register your account. Send your Registration Code through chat for Online Registration along with your details:
Full name:
Contact number:

After we register you online, you can then access your DASHBOARD and start your business.

STEP 3. Having queued in with our Initiative at CFG’s OWN YOUR LIFE (OYL) campaign, OYL helps you through a Mentorship Program, through a Business Platform – a functional/working business platform, to raise the capital you need to set up other dream or desired businesses of your choice. That business which has been your desire over the last couple of years and you have not been able to raise a fund to kick it off. The OYL Campaign will work with you and help you raise the funds you need to set up these businesses and run those projects you have always wanted to run.


These are the necessary facts you need to understand, so you don’t make a mistake when you queue in into OWN YOUR LIFE Campaign.

  • OYL Campaign is an International Business Partnership Campaign. It is not restricted only to Nigeria, it is in over 200 countries.
  • OYL Campaign is a Training & Mentorship Platform. We are going to train/mentor you, we are going to assist you on your drive to becoming successful.
  • OYL Campaign works to create Financial, Time and Health Freedom. OYL Campaign works with a global vision train partners to create Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Health Freedom for themselves, this is the tripods on which our business platform rest.
  • OYL Campaign is NOT a get rich quick scheme. So if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not a platform for you to be on. The OYL Campaign is for serious minded people – it’s for forward thinking people, – it’s for people who really need to create wealth to build a dream life.
  • OYL Campaign is not a wonder bank or a loan/grant house. We don’t grant loans in the campaign, so we work with you to raise the fund you need, We don’t give you loan to go do anything.
  • OYL Campaign is not a lotto or gambling platform. if you think you come into OYL campaign and you fall into wealth miraculously, that is not what we do, we pass you through a system that will help you create the funds you need to set up that business you want to set up.
  • OYL Campaign like said earlier, is not for unserious or people without vision, the campaign is for forward thinking and for smart people. If you know you are not forward thinking, if you know you are not smart, if you know you don’t have burning desire to create wealth and to help people around you, this platform is not for you.

For countries without an office yet, you can order a Business Package and will be delivered through delivery service of your choice.
Postage fees apply.

Payment is required to process your order.

For more inquiry about other detailed information, feel free to contact through:


Active Whatsapp line:

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Cell Phone Contact:



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