Price: NGN 48,000 per one
Contents: ENER-CHI Pendant and packet
Made in U.S.A.

ENER-CHI IPRO-TECT maximize Your Energy, Protect you Against Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation, Bacteria and Viruses.*

What is ENER-CHI IPRO-TECT 24/7 and what benefits does it give to you and your famiy?


The time for Self-Protection Technology has finally come. A breakthrough in the control of communicable diseases, protecting individuals round the clock.

Japanese Technology

After 30 years of clinical research, we come out with this amazing product that creates a barrier of protection that disintegrates unwanted particles. Patented in Japan and double-patent in the US, this product is one of a kind.

Protects What Matters Most

We spend so much in curing diseases when we can spend less with preventive intervention. Keeping our health intact assures our optimum productivity and the safety of those we love, priceless.

Wearable and Fashionable

The unique design allows anyone to wear ENER-CHI IPRO-TECT anytime and anywhere. The flower of life is a symbol for balance, serenity and harmony, a life that is secured from airborne diseases.

+Wearable technology – a necklace with a pendant
+Emits invisible fumes and it will create a 2-meter “Force Field”
+Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation from all your household gadgets..
+Anti-bacterial force field.
+Anti-microbial force field.
+Anti-viral force field.
+Lasts up to 60 days.

What does ENER-CHI iPro-tect do?

When activated, within seconds it will release a 2-meter protection for,Radiation, bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses die within seconds before it gets to you.
ENER-CHI iPro-tect is a Product of AIM Global WORLD.
Watch the video below for demonstration.

If you want to know how, comment below “I’m interested” I give the first step how to be part this life changing opportunity

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