Social Proof

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People who grabbed this opportunity are testifying: YOU TOO CAN BECOME ONE OF OUR BENEFICIARIES.WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

“Is your goal for 2019 to Own Your Own Car Or House?…”

“I worked for 15 years as a barrister in a law firm, but could barely afford to meet my basic needs. I joined the Own Your Own Life Campaign and in 2 years, there has been a total transformation in my life, business and finances. I was able to get this for myself.”

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Barrister Sharon (Lawyer)

“She Set Up Her Poultry Farm!”

“I work as a nurse and was trying so hard to save up 2 million Naira to start my poultry farm but it was almost impossible. when i heard about the financial project Nigeria, i applied and was lucky to make the decision to become one of the partners. Today, my dream has come true and financial challenges is far gone ….I Had Passion For Poultry Farming And Wanted To Set Up My Poultry Farm But Lacked The Funds To Do So. I Joined The Own Your Life Campaign And In 4-5 Months I Was Able To Raise All The Funds I Needed To Set Up My Poultry Farm.”

Mrs. Deborah 

“All Debts Settled…”

“In About 8 Months, I Was Able To Get To Raise Over 2 Million Naira. Thanks To The Own Your Life Campaign, I Have Been Able To Establish Myself In Business.”

Mr Ifeanyi
( Entrepreneur )

“Get the Photography Business started”

” I needed about 1.5 million Naira to start my photography outlet. With this project, i have been able to raise much more than that. currently, the Photography business is up and running, i have also started a travel agency and the money just keeps coming. Thanks to the Financial Project.”

Didi Nwala (Journalist )

” I worked in the bank for about a decade with nothing to show for it. I never understood freedom until i came across this project. They have shown me a better way to live out my full potentials. i resigned from my banking job to face my passion. I work when i want to work and the money I’ve raised so far is alarming. Don’t let this opportunity pass you bye. Grab it and take advantage of it.”

Vincent Nwosu (Banker)


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